Vehicle graphics and signage can be really informative while turning heads at the same time

High quality prints and attention to details really deliver an exceptional wrap finish.

Brand your entire fleet to never miss a marketing opportunity.

Customise your car, wrapping is much more cost effective than paint and is also removable to protect the original colour

Wrapping doesn’t stop at cars. We can wrap almost anything from boats to helicopters.

Provoke Vehicle Wrapping

Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. Vehicle wrap is the most cost effective method of advertising in terms of how many potential customers you can reach daily. Our wraps are premium quality and very competitive.

Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard

Vehicle wrap is a difficult skill and expensive to learn. Once taught the theory, putting the skill into practice takes time and lots of hard work to master. Something many Sign shops don’t have the time to do. Fortunately I was lucky enough to work side by side with one of Lithuania's best wrappers. Daily exposure to wrapping fleet vehicles and sports cars soon gave me the hands on experience I needed to make theory a reality, making prestige wraps with longevity.

Reasons to Wrap

Displaying company branding and contact details while on the move is a great way to get your company extra exposure and really utilizes your vehicle 24/7.

Vehicle wraps can be fully customised are really eye catching, so you can really stand out against the competition. Not only can they deliver a big impact, but vehicle wrap film is a great way to protect original paint.

Wraps are great for a quick colour change and are cheaper than painting and can always be updated.

Wraps are also easily removed with no damage to original paint work. This means you could even use a lease vehicle to advertise.

What can we wrap?

Most things including household items can be wrapped, but wraps are most effective and commonly used for vehicles.

We wrap commercial fleet vehicles, from vans and cars to lorries and buses.

Wrappings not just for advertising and commercial use... We have also wrapped boats and helicopters too.

If you love your vehicle and want to revitalise it’s life with your dream colour, we offer a prestige colour change service.


By using leading vinyl bands combined with special pre-stretching and post heating techniques, we can guarantee our wraps to last for up to five years.

Often a work vehicle’s wrap will outlive the vehicles worklife.

Vinyl prints are always laminated giving the image UV protection, stopping fading and wearing.

Colours, textures & finishes

When it comes to colour changes, we mainly use the undisputed leading brands, Avery and 3M. Between them they have a number of different finishes and colours to choose from. They have stunning gloss, matte and satin vinyls. Along with unusual pearlescent, metallic, two tone and textured specialist vinyls.

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